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Filmmaker - Robert Cummins

"As an artist, my goal is to challenge my creativity and maintain an environment that fosters original work. Iā€™m continually fascinated by the organic balance between photography, performance and sound; and, strive to create innovative ways to expand the medium of filmmaking." - Robert Cummins, Lead Producer

The Robert Cummins Film Company is a full service Production Company comprised of the most talented artists in our area. We have worked with some of the largest brands in the world because we treat every project as the most important project. We believe stories can make a difference and we want to tell your story!

So what differentiates us from other production companies?


The most essential ingredient for creating quality video content is story. You must have a compelling story. You know how you want your video to feel and what you want to say but we help you realize how to say it. This simple philosophy often gets lost when working with large corporations. We only have a few very talented creatives and that allows us to create an intimate relationship with our clients. With most production companies your project will be viewed as an assignment that needs to be completed. But with a individual relationship the vision is clear and allows for an authentic, lasting product.